One of the things that brings me joy is gifting. I love seeing a stone and thinking of a loved one and how beautiful it would look on them. For the past five years I have created one of a kind pieces for family and friends and now I am opening my passion to the rest of my community. I want to make you smile and make you feel empowered by celebrating YOU with each piece that I create.

Style and Quality

I love Vintage and even more I love bringing Vintage into modern styles. Each piece is made with natural stones or vintage found materials set on 14k gold, sterling silver or brass. My inspiration comes from the natural flow of nature and life. My pieces have a unique balance that at times it is composed of simple lines and other times it is ornate to celebrate our uniqueness.


Each piece is one of a kind and put together by me. I buy or find the materials from other small business because that creates the community I want to live in. Sometimes I create the piece with someone in mind or I imagine who would wear it. If you want a piece made for you or that special someone I would love to collaborate with you.


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